Our Home

American Druze Society-Michigan Chapter

4945 S Beech Daly, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125


October 21, 2006

Home Committee Members (2005-2007):

Dr. Hassan Dubaisi, Chair
Dr. Shaker Diab
Majed Elawar
Omar Abu Hamdan
Osama Abi Hana

Committee Mission:

Committee members volunteer their time to help ADS board members manage, lease, improve, and maintain the ADS center and work with the community to generate financial contributions. With the support of the community, we are determined to carry on new missions to have finally a financially self sufficient or profitable center that emphasize the unity of our community. With this thought in mind, we invite your participation, to contribute to the house and to all share the success.

Committee Responsibility:

The main purpose of the committee is:

    1. The committee is a major force of recommending to ADS elected board members suggestions and business plans to run the ADS house.
    2. Writing and amending ADS house rules and regulations. However, these regulations and rules will only become legal after being approved by the elected ADS board members.
    3. Help ADS board manage the home mainly financially through leasing the center, fund raising, loans, or grants from different ADS/ADF organizations.
    4. Plan and recommend to the board center improvements, organizing the center, and events.

Home Address:

ADS home building is located at 4945 Beach Daly in Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48125. Telephone number: (313) 799-druze (3789).

Home Activities:

The objective of the ADS center is to be used for community gatherings such as holiday events, potluck dinners and religious seminars. In addition is leasing the center.

Home Business Plan:

With careful management, we intend to lease the center to our own ADS community members for events such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, and in unfortunate events such as losing loved ones. Furthermore, the center will be leased to other organizations for similar events.
We intend to generate money so that the center is financially self sufficient to be able to pay the center mortgage, insurance, utilities, maintenance, and other expenses.
We aim to later achieve a profitable center by the reason that our optimum goal and intention is not to burden the community with monthly or annual fees.

Leasing the Center - Regulations and Rules

General Rules: Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the building.
General Use: The center can be used or leased for the following activities:

    1. Private parties such as but not limited to wedding, birthday and graduation parties, potluck, catering, and other social events.
    2. Community gathering place when members suffered the loss of a loved one here or abroad.
      Leasing Charges: The following are the lease charges:
      1. $100 security deposit will be paid at the time of reservation. Deposit is not refundable if cancellation occurs within two weeks of event date.
      2. The center is free for two events a year for members who paid their annual home fund of $240. Thereafter, these members should pay 50% of the center lease fees.
      3. The following are the lease charges for paid ADS members. Non-paid members will pay additional 10% surcharge to the lease fees:
        i. $200 birthday/graduation/private parties.
        ii. $500 Wedding party
      4. Gathering for the loss of a loved one is free. In this case, donation to the ADS center is optional.
      5. All fees are due prior to the event.

Leasing Rules: The lessee and lessee's invitees must comply with the following rules:

    1. The date and time requested by the lessee to lease the center should first be available (First come first served basis). Time to receive and return the center should be specified in advance by the lessee and should be approved by the ADS hall management.
    2. Only one key will be given by the ADS hall management to the lessee and should be returned at the end of the event. Copying the key is prohibited under any circumstances and it is considered a violation of the hall rules. Locks will not be installed or changed.
    3. Nothing will be attached to the interior or exterior walls or doors of the building.
    4. No marking, drilling, boring, cutting, or defacing of the walls, floors, or ceilings of the building are permitted.
    5. The center must be returned clean. The $100 security deposit will be refunded if the premises are returned clean in the same manner as it was received.
    6. Hall management and ADS are not responsible for any injury or lost or stolen money or property.
    7. Lessee is responsible for all the damage that occurs while leasing the hall.
    8. If alcohol consumption is required, a one day alcohol license should be obtained.
    9. Lessee and lessee's invitees are responsible for the observance of all these rules.
    10. Lessee agrees to indemnify the ADS for any damages occur while leasing the hall and hold the ADS harmless.

ADS Public Events - Regulations and Rules

General Use:

    1. Any activities organized or sponsored by the ADS board, Michigan Chapter.
    2. Board and committees' meetings.
    3. Religious Seminars
    4. Leasing the Hall

General Rules:

    1. The ADS Home should be respected just like our own home and should be spiritually pure just like a Majlis, a church, or a mosque. The use of indecent, harsh, and vulgar words and offensive and violent manner are completely unacceptable. The board as well as our community do not and will not accept such a behavior at our ADS Home.
    2. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the building.
    3. All are expected to participate and help in keeping the event in order and the premises clean.
    4. Kitchen Use:
      a. In potluck events, kitchen can be used by members. Kitchen users are expected to use it in an orderly fashion and to clean after every use.
      b. In catering events, kitchen use is limited to the catering employees only.
    5. Basement mainly is for kids activities. All of our kids are encouraged to participate in all events. Parents are asked to support the babysitter(s) when required.