Support the ADS

Dear Fellow Druze:

The ADS Michigan Chapter needs the help of its members to keep doing great events and picnics. In addition to keep paying the mortgage, utilities, and maintenance of the ADS center in Deraborn Heights.

Please consider to renew your 2013 membership and $120 center annual fees.

ADS Membership Information:
You will receive many other benefits from your ADS membership, including but not limited to:

• Discounts on all Local & National ADS events
• Voting privileges for Local & National elections
• Quarterly subscription to Our Heritage e-magazine & Local chapter publications
• Access to National website digital community
• The satisfaction of contributing to your society!

Membership rates are as follows:
• Husband & Wife $90
• Individual (17 yrs. & older & not a student) $50
• Student (17 yrs & older & attending school) $40

ADS $120 Center Annual Fees Information:

The only income the ADS has is from its members. To cover the expenses for the ADS center in Dearborn Heights, members are asked to pay $120 per year. Please consider to pay the $120 for 2013 now.
You will receive the benefits of using the center free for up to two events per year. You can use the center for a graduation, birthday, or any personal party.

Please send your check to the address below and write your name, spouse name, and children names if any.

Please make checks payable to: ADS Michigan Chapter, and send payment to:

ADS Michigan Chapter
4945 S. Beech Daly
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

If you need to have an immediate access to the National ADS Digital Community, please pay your 2013 membership online using the National ADS website at:

If you have any question, please call (313) 799-DRUZE. Every call will be answered or returned. Thank you!